Poster for the movie Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky

2017 Comedy

When his brother Jimmy (Tatum) is fired from his construction job at the Charlotte Motor Speedway thanks to his wounded leg, Clyde Logan (Driver) believes it’s just another example of the curse that’s plagued their family for decades. Luckily, Jimmy has a plan: to stage a daring heist and rob the very speedway that he was fired from during the Coca-Cola 600 race. To pull it off, the brothers need the help of incarcerated explosives expert Joe Bang (Craig), so before the heist can go ahead, they must break him out of prison.

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Logan Lucky (2017)

After he's fired from his construction job, Jimmy Logan teams up with his brother to stage a heist on the Charlotte Motor Speedway during the Coca-Cola 600 Race, but before the plan can go ahead they have to break an explosives expert out of prison.

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