Photo for DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Best Bet 26 Feb

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Mortal Khanbat New

While the legends battle Genghis Khan (Terry Chen) in 1990s Hong Kong, Constantine (Matt Ryan) tries to make a deal with Astra (Olivia Swann) to save his life in this new episode. Adam Tsekhman and Shayan Sobhian guest star.

Photo for What Not to Wear
Best Bet 26 Feb

What Not to Wear


In an inspiring rebroadcast of this iconic makeover series, hosts and stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly meet with Bailey. Despite working to lose 60 pounds, Bailey is still trying to accept the new body she has fought for.

Photo for Live PD Presents: PD Cam
Best Bet 26 Feb

Live PD Presents: PD Cam


Law enforcement officers' body cameras, dash cams, helicopter footage and more give viewers an up-close look at an officer's point of view in this fascinating series. Find out what it's like to serve and protect through footage of real officers in action.

Photo for The Goldbergs
Best Bet 26 Feb

The Goldbergs


In an effort to spend more time with Barry (Troy Gentile) and Adam (Sean Giambrone), Murray (Jeff Garlin) buys tickets to WrestleMania but doesn't realize that they're fake in this rebroadcast. American wrestling legend Hulk Hogan guest stars.

Photo for Nancy Drew
Best Bet 26 Feb

Nancy Drew

The Sign of the Uninvited Guest New

In this new episode, Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and Nick (Tunji Kasim) confront a suspect after the Drew Crew discovers a connection between the attempted murder of someone in their community and the most recent Lucy Sable murder. Alex Saxon also stars.

Photo for SEAL Team
Top Pick 26 Feb


Siege Protocol: Part 1 New

This two-part mid-season premiere stars David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes, the leader of Tier One, a team of highly trained Navy SEALs that put their lives on the line when danger strikes. Max Thieriot, and Toni Trucks also star in this hit military drama.

Photo for Chicago P.D.
Best Bet 26 Feb

Chicago P.D.

Burden of Truth New

With Roman's (Brian Geraghty) sister still missing, Intelligence searches for a drug dealer who has caused a number of overdoses and is linked to her disappearance in this new episode of the popular crime drama. Jason Beghe and Jesse Lee Soffer also star.