Photo for WWE SmackDown
Best Bet 28 Jan

WWE SmackDown

In its 23-year history, this live wrestling entertainment show has been attended by millions of fans and broadcast from 148 cities in seven countries across the globe. The crowds may be smaller post-COVID, but the action is just as intense as ever.

Photo for Arctic Vets
Best Bet 28 Jan

Arctic Vets

Alaskan Seal Rescue New

Dr. Whitney takes a close look at the state of rescued harbour seals alongside new intern Dr. Shannon at the Alaska SeaLife Center in this new episode. Meanwhile, a Sandhill crane goes into medical distress while under sedation at the Conservancy.

Photo for Magnum P.I.
Best Bet 28 Jan

Magnum P.I.

Judge Me Not New

Jay Hernandez stars as skilled private investigator Thomas Magnum in a new episode of this Hawaii-based procedural with a twist. Solving crimes on the big island, the former Navy SEAL has help from former MI-6 agent Juliette Higgins (Perdita Weeks).

Photo for 20/20
Best Bet 28 Jan



A buried freezer could hold the answer after a young anchorwoman vanishes from her home.

Photo for Real Time With Bill Maher
Top Pick 28 Jan

Real Time With Bill Maher


Bill Maher, known for his unique brand of acerbic humour, welcomes a three-guest panel for lively political discussions in this new episode from Season 20. Rounded out by a comedic monologue and poignant interview, Maher puts the focus on current events.

Photo for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Best Bet 28 Jan

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Guests include Taylor Lautner and musical guest Griff x Sigrid.

Photo for Horse Racing
Best Bet 29 Jan

Horse Racing

Airing live from Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, Fla., this Pegasus World Cup event marks another turn of the state's premiere horse race. The in-person event attracts celebrities, fashion icons, media influencers and every-day fans, each hoping for a win.