Poster for the movie Nobody's Fool

Nobody's Fool

2018 Comedy

Danica (Sumpter) is up for a huge promotion to a VP position in her company, but when her sister Tanya (Haddish) is released from a stint in prison, she takes in her more rough-around-the-edges family member. When Tanya points out that the guy that Danica’s been flirting with online for a year probably isn’t who he claims to be, the sisters team up and set out to track down the guy who’s been catfishing her, with Tanya putting her well-honed street smarts to use to help her sister for once.

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Nobody's Fool (2018)

A successful businesswoman takes in her sister Tanya when she's released from prison, but when Tanya discovers that her sister's being catfished by an unknown guy online the two team up to find the perpetrator and get revenge for his treachery.

1:05 AM on BET - Canada

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