Poster for the movie Piercing


2018 Horror

New father Reed (Abbott) feels an overwhelming urge to kill, so to get it out of his system before he hurts someone he loves he plans out the perfect murder. After renting a hotel room and disguising his identity he hires a beautiful call girl (Wasikowska) who comes to his room. He may plan to kill her, but what Reed doesn’t know is that the girl is far more than he bargained for, and before the night is over the balance between them shifts as he realizes that he isn’t the only one with dark secrets in the room.

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Piercing (2018)

A new father feels an urge to commit murder, and arranges to kill a call girl in a hotel room, but not long after she arrives the balance between them begins to shift and he realizes that he may not be the one who's in control of the situation.

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