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2018 Action

Youngblood Priest (Jackson) has sat in a comfortable place atop Atlanta’s drug-fueled criminal underworld for years, with a hand-selected crew that he trusts and a woman whom he loves. When a new gang moves into town and starts causing trouble, though, he finds himself outplayed, outmatched and outgunned due to the newcomers’ ties to a major and wealthy drug cartel. With no other way out in sight, Priest convinces his crew that it’s time to retire once they pull off their biggest heist ever: robbing the very cartel that’s ruined their lives.

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Superfly (2018)

A drug dealer who has it all finds his world crumbling around him when a new gang with cartel connections moves in on his turf. He decides to retire, but not before pulling off his biggest job ever -- robbing the very cartel that's driving him out.

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