Poster for the movie The Darkness

The Darkness

2016 Horror

While on a vacation to the Grand Canyon with his family, Michael Taylor (Mazouz) stumbles across some neatly placed black stones with symbols etched into them. He brings them back to their home, unwittingly bringing back the evil force behind them. They begin to experience frightening events. Peter (Bacon) and his wife, Bronny (Mitchell), don't know what to do, and the family starts to blame Michael, who has started to act strange. Too late, they realize they have awakened spiritual entities, and they are forced to fight an ancient prophecy.

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The Darkness (2016)

Two families, the Taylors and the Carters, take a vacation to the Grand Canyon. When the youngest Taylor, Michael brings back ancient stones, they find strange things happening in the house. They blame Michael, but realize they've awakened an evil force.

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