Poster for the movie The Skeleton Twins

The Skeleton Twins

2014 Drama

After 10 years apart, depressed twins Maggie (Wiig) and Milo (Hader) both manage to cheat death on the same day, bringing about their overdue reunion. When aspiring actor Milo leaves Los Angeles and moves in with Maggie and her sweet-natured husband (Wilson), the siblings take a hard look into just what it was in their lives that went so wrong. As they confront their individual issues, they come to realize that the key to finding happiness may lie in accepting what happened in the past and repairing their fractured relationship.

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The Skeleton Twins (2014)

Estranged and depressed twins are reunited after 10 years apart when both manage to cheat death on the same day. The reunion forces the siblings to confront their personal issues and take a hard look at their lives and what went so wrong.

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