Poster for the movie Thoroughbreds


2017 Drama

A pair of teenagers living in suburban Connecticut who were once childhood friends reconnect and begin to plot a murder. Lily (Taylor-Joy) despises her strict and uncaring stepfather (Sparks), so when she learns that Amanda (Cooke) feels no emotions, and that she’s previously killed a horse, she recruits her to help devise a plan to murder him. The girls manipulate a local thug (Yelchin) into helping them do the dastardly deed, but as they begin to put their plan into action, things start to go off of the rails, jeopardizing the whole plot.

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Thoroughbreds (2017)

A teenaged girl with a strict stepfather reconnects with a childhood friend who admits to not being able to feel any emotions. Together, they begin plotting to murder the stepfather and recruit a local delinquent to help with their scheming.

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