Poster for the movie The Big Sick

The Big Sick

2017 Comedy

After a night with the beautiful and charming Emily (Kazan), struggling stand-up comic and Uber driver Kumail (Nanjiani) finds himself falling for her, a feeling that she reciprocates. Their relationship is complicated by Kumail’s devout and traditional Muslim family, especially his mother, who is determined to see him married to a nice Pakistani girl. When Emily contracts a mysterious illness and is placed in a medically induced coma, her mom (Hunter) and dad (Romano) arrive on the scene and immediately butt heads with Kumail, who struggles to be accepted by them as an important part of Emily’s life.

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The Big Sick (2017)

A man and a woman from very different families begin to fall for each other, against their family's wishes. When one is put into a coma, the other struggles to connect with her parents and convince them that he's an important part of her life.

4:15 AM on E! Canada

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